6 Summer Outfits That Actually Look Perfect With Leggings

Let's be clear about one thing when it comes to leggings: They're either a smart item or something that's incredible casual—there doesn't seem to be an in between. Save that scary moment in 2004 when we all wore leggings under dresses with peep-toe shoes, leggings are really in one camp or the other. But that's not a bad thing. This summer, I've discovered various outfits that look perfect with leggings, and they're ideal whether you're looking for a comfy look that works for a walk with friends or a sassy evening ensemble that's date night–ready. 

But first a note on leggings and their various styles. Over the past few years, there have been various trends for legging silhouettes, including stirrup, leather/leather-look and split hem. Right now, you can get your hands on pretty much any of them. I'd say you should go for the version that makes you feel the best and goes with most of the pieces in your wardrobe. Of course, classic sport leggings are everywhere still thanks to our continued love of athleisure and the pandemic's influence on our fitness regimes. Again, find the brand and fit that make you feel the best. With that in mind, keep scrolling for the six summer legging outfits that are actually perfect. 

1. Leggings + Summer Shirt + Loafers

Style Notes: What do you get when you pair summer's It shirt with 2021's It shoes? A great look that will see you through summer nights and well into autumnal days. 

2. Leggings + Denim Jacket + Basket Bag

summer leggings outfits: lena farl wearing a matching gym look, denim jacket and raffia bag



Style Notes: The French way to do hiking in style. Simply pair your matching workout gear with a raffia bag and a denim jacket. 

3. Leggings + Blazer + Strappy Sandals 

summer leggings outfits: beige blazer with black leggings and black strappy sandals



Style Notes: There's nothing that an oversized blazer doesn't look good with. And after seeing this look with black leggings and strappy sandals, I can't wait to try it out for myself. 

4. Leggings + White Shirt + Gold Chains

summer leggings outfits: white shirt with black gym wear and gold jewellery



Style Notes: White shirts and gold jewellery instantly make gym wear look chic.

5. Leggings + Beige Shirt + Sandals 

summer leggings outfits: a beige shirt with black leggings, chanel bag and bottega veneta sandals



Style Notes: Another super-cool outfit to try if you're off on a night out. Hunt down a beige top to pair with black leggings, and try some matching sandals for a 2021 look. 

Style Notes: This is exactly the outfit I'd like to wear when going for a hike with friends. It's worth noting that you don't need to sacrifice style when you're working out.  

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