8 Noteworthy Jewellery Trends That Are About to Be Everywhere This Summer

Whether you consider yourself a refined minimalist or an expressive maximalist, one thing we all have in common is some degree of accessorising, and when it comes to putting the final touches to an outfit, jewellery is one of the most powerful embellishments in your repertoire. 

Jewellery is personal, after all, and the pieces we choose to buy, gift and wear can tell a story. I, for example, never take off the engraved signet ring I got for a birthday, and my engagement ring is the most important thing I own, but some of my most treasured jewellery pieces are those I've bought for myself to celebrate milestones in my life. And then there are legacy pieces—jewellery that gets handed down through families. 

Of course, not every piece has to be saved for best. Everyday jewellery can be equally as pulse-quickening, and switching it up is the easiest way to update your look in an instant and make it feel more current.

So what are the biggest jewellery trends for summer 2023, I hear you ask. You'll be pleased to know that there's something for everyone. From this season's trending colour to the throwback look that even Gen Z will get on board with, this is a mix of jewellery so fresh and fun that it will lift your mood in a moment.

Whether you're wearing a simple white tee and jeans, are on the beach in a bikini or dressing up for a special occasion, these are the eight most noteworthy jewellery trends of 2023, and they're worth their weight in gold. 


@monikh wears the heavyweight hardware summer 2023 jewellery trend



Style Notes: Consider this jewellery trend the equivalent of fashion ASMR. Big, chunky rings, bracelets and bangles are having a moment right now, and there's nothing more satisfying than the clink of some well-stacked heavy metal. Layer up and wear all at once for a head-turning look.


@daleedasoomar wears the seeing green summer 2023 jewellery trend



Style Notes: Barbiecore may be tickling fashion pink right now, but in the jewellery world, green is reigning supreme. Surprisingly versatile and the perfect vibrant shade for the sunniest season, expect to see plenty of emerald, malachite and peridot over the next 12 months. Mark my words. 


@annarvitiello wears the dynasty gold summer 2023 jewellery trend



Style Notes: Think about '80s fashion. What comes to mind? Shoulder pads are a given. Bold colours and print clashing? Almost certainly. But the most important part of an '80s look was the accessories, and opulent, statement gold was the style of choice. Perhaps it's down to our love of antique jewellery, or maybe it's a "more is more" mentality breaking through, but Dynasty-esque earrings, bracelets and belts are all over Instagram right now, and we love an iconic throwback.


@monikh wears the mixed metals summer 2023 jewellery trend



Style Notes: Gold or silver, silver or gold… Can't decide? Why not wear both? There's no need to choose a side this summer, as mixing metals is our favourite jewellery styling tip, and now you can shop even more pieces that blend the two, making it that much easier to curate your selection. 

Coloured enamel rings by Bea Bongiasca Jewellery



Style Notes: It wouldn't be summer without a dose of dopamine brights, and this year we're hankering for a pick 'n' mix of candy coloured enamel. The trend isn't new for 2023, but it is gaining traction again, and it also happens to look great with this summer's top nail trends. Starburst colours paired with a matcha manicure? Sign me up. 

@annaaborisovna wears the pearl earring summer 2023 jewellery trend



Style Notes: Marie Antoinette might not have actually said, "Let them eat cake," but she did have a thing for pearls, which have been associated with royalty for hundreds of years. More recently, pearls had earned a reputation as the "stuffy" accompaniment to a twin-set, but avant-garde designers are making pearls cool again, positioning them front and centre in sculptural, supersized earrings that are anything but boring. 


@lucywilliams02 wears the strike a cord summer 2023 jewellery trend



Style Notes: In response to the affinity the '80s had with opulent gold and excess, '90s styling presented a new wave of grungy glamour that was as game-changing as it was low-key. If you weren't wearing a faux-tattooed choker in the '90s, it's likely you were wearing a cord necklace instead, complete with a chunky pendant. Thankfully, designs have grown up a little since then—instead of smiley faces and peace signs, cord jewellery in 2023 sees elegant knots, coins and talismans. These pieces look great paired with a fine chain or bracelet. 


Style Notes: Picture the scene: You're lying on the beach with a cocktail in hand whilst the waves lap at the shore. The only thing missing? Some carefree accessories to make that salty, sun-kissed skin look even better. A simple bikini-and-white-shirt combo comes alive when worn with stacked beads, layers of fine chains and plenty of shells, so don't forget to add holiday jewellery to your raffia tote.