These Are The 19 Eye Makeup Looks That I’ve Bookmarked For Summer

If there’s one thing that you can guarantee about me is that I’m going to turn out makeup looks in summer. Yes, the festive season brings its sparkles but for summer I like to experiment with makeup. I think it’s because the sun peps up our skin a bit so we have a healthier natural glow– I don’t really have to worry about my base and can be more playful with the eyes and/or lips. For a summer day-to-day I’ll do a reddish pink hue wash over my eyes– I normally take the same product I’ve used on my cheeks and sweep over my lids too. But for this summer I’ve taken notes and bookmarked some of the best eye makeup looks I’ve seen on Instagram to make my summer makeup looks the most eye-catching to date.

Best Summer Eye Makeup Looks

Red and Green Should Always Be Seen



The rule about picking either statement eyes or lips needs to be formerly abolished asap. Personally, I think the bold eye and lip combo is a look and red and green together should be worn throughout the year, not just reserved for Christmas.

Beauty Bay Double Earthy Palette

The range of colours in this palette is so vast you’re bound to find some new combos you love.

Bright Lines



Bold? Yes, but doable? Absolutely. If you can get your hands on a highly-pigmented liquid or creamy kohl liner to draw these lines, then in my experience you’re better off opting for that over a pencil as your lines will be bolder.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Chroma Stix Norvina Chroma Stix

Pigment is not a problem with this chroma liner that comes in a range of bold hues. Warm it up on the top of your hands before using on your eye to avoid tugging.

Smoking Green



A smoky eye can be a little heavy for summer but for a sunset evening out, mixing a smudgey kohl liner with green shadow is a lighter version of the classic look.

Hourglass Curator Eyeshadow - Bid

This shadow melts into the skin so easily– I’ve used a brush and my fingers to apply it and both work as well.

Full On Flutter



Sometimes fluttery lashes are a complete eye look. Ironically, mascara doesn’t play a part in this look as lashes need to look natural and not coated at all. If you have lash extensions or long natural lashes this’ll work with just a light lash curl. If you don’t, I recommend using individuals over strip false lashes for the most natural look.

The knotless bands make these so much more realistic when applied; they just look like amplified natural lashes.

White Light



Super simple but fun and works for all skin tones. For the pigment to pick up on light skin-tones, base with a white kohl and then apply a white liquid liner on top for sharpness.

Bh Cosmetics X Doja Cat Goddess Calligraphy Eyeliner

This vegan-formula is super pigmented and glides over the lids effortlessly.

Warm Underline



Using a warm-hued shadow or liner on the bottom lash line works really well with lash-skimming fringes. When using a warm, reddish colour around the eyes, pick a flesh-toned liner for your water line to stop your eyes looking tired, red or bloodshot.

Charlotte Tilbury Eyeliner - Pillow Talk

Everyone knows and loves the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk liner and lipstick range but the complimentary products in the range are just as great. This kohl liner is super creamy and sets quickly.

Soft Nudes



A nude, matte base with a soft wing is a core part of the ‘clean girl’ aesthetic that we are one hundred percent on-board with. For the soft wing, use a deep-coloured shadow and a sharp angled brush.

Nyx Professional Makeup Lingerie Shadow Palette

Matte palettes always come in handy for multiple looks and this contains all the classic shades.

Two Blues



A steady hand and patience are needed for this look but the dedication will be worth it. You could mesh any two hues within the same colour palette but I really love the light blue and neon blue together.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencil

Probably my favourite kohl liner range thanks to its wide range of colours and how easy it is to use– I promise you it really does glide on.

Glossy Lids



Admittedly this look is less easy to pull off in the summer heat but it’s not going to stop me from trying. It’s a good idea to prime your eyelids before your start so your gloss doesn’t move around too much, and always use an eyegloss or at a push a cheek gloss will work too. Just avoid lipgloss as it tends to be too sticky.

MAC Clear Gloss

A pro-gloss like this from MAC is your best bet for glossy lids without slipping or stickiness.

Pink Wash



For this look a blending brush like the icon MAC 217 brush will be your best friend. It’s all about light layers of pigment for an ultra-diffused look.

Mac Eyeshadow in Sushi Flower

Still as good as ever, these MAC single shadows are so versatile and there are dozens of summer shades to pick from.

Quiet Sparkles



A quiet sparkle is such a highly-wearable and transitional eye look for summer. Opt for a brownish-nude base and then simply swipe on a similarly-hued shimmer in the centre of your mobile lids and blend out gently.

Westman Atelier Eye Pod - Tabac

As with all Westman Atelier products, these eye pods are dreamily creamy and set well without primer but flawlessly with it underneath.

Simple Feline Flick



Sometimes you cannot beat a winged liner with a minimal makeup look. Cheat bigger eyes by focussing the bulk of your flick at the end of your line, making the line thicker as it tails past your outer corner and then create your flick. Also, make sure you start your liner with a thin line at the centre of your eye for a wide awake look.

Tom Ford Eye Defining Pen Liquid Liner

The dual nibs on this pen allow you to pick the thickness of the line you want to draw.

Diffused Matte Pink



Matte shades can be more difficult to work with, especially on deeper skin tones so it’s important to use shadows that have good colour payoff so you don’t end up with anything patchy. I love the Beauty Bay palettes for this; they’re super-easy to work with and I normally will just swipe on with my finger.

Beauty Bay Double Bright Palette Duo

This palette has a stunning 42 shades to play with and you’ll want to play with them all. The reds and blues are my go-tos for quick statement looks.

Waterline Love



Applying any colour liner to your waterline is a vibe but using a red or pink colour is not for the fainthearted. It’s a brave look and can make the eyes look tired if your eyes are even slightly red or bloodshot. If you’re ready to try it out, the 3ina eyesticks are great in the waterline.

3ina The 24h Eye Stick

I’ve become obsessed with these liners for good reason, they don’t irritate the eye at all and are available in such a great range of punchy colours too.

Peppy Eyes



Using a light layer of white kohl liner or cleverly applied white shadow in the inner corner is perfect for a faux bright-eyed look, no matter how little sleep you got last night.

NYX Epic Wear Long Lasting Liner Stick

The inner corner is often the first place the eyeliner will rub off so long-lasting liner is a must this from NYX lasts for hours without having to reapply.

Soft Blue Hue



Swipe on and blend out a light blue matte shadow for a light blast of delicate colour. Matching my shadow with my summer outfits is definitely a summer moodboard goal of mine.

Glossier Skywash

This sheer wash of colour can easily be built up without causing creasing or pilling and comes in seven fun colours.

Superfine Line



Sharpen your deepest black or brown kohl pencil for this Y2K vibe. If you’re going to delicately line your upper eyelids too and take your line past the inner corner, you’ll need an extremely fine nibbed liquid liner and a very, very light touch.

Ilia Clean Line Gel Liner - Dusk

This pencil has a fine enough tip that your waterline won’t look too intense when you apply gently and is very smudge-proof too.

Full Lid Look



Throw away the rule book that has us all only taking shadow a little bit above the mobile lid and get to blending all the way up to your brow bone. I love the pink but I’m also thinking greens, blues and oranges will work for this look too.

Opv Beauty Loose Pigment

You can either mix these vibrant loose pigments with the brand’s mixing drops or just use alone, either way you get a long lasting super pigmented colour.

Aqua Girl



To make pastels punchy, the best texture tends to be cream shadows to get the pigment to pop against your skin. Prime with a white shadow too so that you don’t have to layer up product to get it to look true-to-tone.

Huda Beauty Color Block Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette - Blue and Green

Huda palette’s among the best I have ever used with regard to pigment and longevity. This compact palette features a range of mattes and glitters as well as a water activated liner to complete the look.

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