5 Combos That Have Convinced Us Summer Dresses Belong With Boots

They often say opposites attract, and it's not too uncommon to find that two things that should not go together somehow work. (Anyone who has ever mixed chocolate and popcorn while at the cinema should know what I'm talking about?)

Traditionally, I wouldn't say that summer dresses and boots have made the most sensible union, but recently, I have seen a few outfits that have managed to convince me otherwise. A strappy summer dress and a chunky winter boot may be items of clothing that are on complete opposite ends of the wardrobe spectrum, but I think this juxtaposition is part of the reason they work so well. 

From minidresses and knee highs to slip dresses and Chelsea boots, there are a few pairings that seem to make the most sense. Anna Sarlvit exemplified the first perfectly when she wore a white shirtdress and green knee-high boots on a bike ride recently, while Lucy William's choice to pair chunky Miu Miu boots alongside a rose printed slip dress will always be a favourite of mine. 

Keep scrolling to see how the style set is pairing summer dresses and boots, and then shop the outfit combination below. 

Summer Dresses + Boots: Anna Sarlvit



Style Notes: The crisp white fabric ensures this look feel summer-worthy, but the choice to pair with boots makes Anna's outfit feel very contemporary. 

Summer Dresses + Boots: Lena Farl



Style Notes: Lena's slip dress paired with cowboy boots is a 2020 combination if I've ever seen one. 

Style Notes: The outfit that convinced me this style works has to be Lucy's Miu Miu boots and Réalisation dress. 

Style Notes: Adding a little colour to the trend, Francesca pairs snake-print boots and a bright pink dress. 

Summer Dresses + Boots: Eni Illori



Style Notes: Eni's pinafore dress is a summer classic, made autumn-appropriate when paired with suede boots. 

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