6 Summer Colour Trends That Always Look Classy and Expensive

Colour is one of the easiest yet most impactful ways to update your look. If you're usually found wearing neutral shades (much like I am), opting for a bright dress for the next circled date in your social calendar will be just the thing to give your aesthetic a shake-up. Similarly, if you're usually found wearing vivid clothing, neutralising your wardrobe with an all-white ensemble can be just the thing if you find yourself in need of a change. Such is the power of colour trends, and summer is the ideal time to start experimenting. 

Now, you could look to what's currently trending to inform your colour choices for the season ahead; it's a given that pink is going to be everywhere thanks to the upcoming Barbie movie. However, if you're keen to ensure any colours you do decide to invest in will stand the test of time, I've rounded up what I, a fashion editor who has been working in the industry for 12 years, consider to be the most timeless summer colour trends out there. Whatever is happening on the runways or in pop culture, these colours have proven they have serious staying power. And no, I'm not referring to black which, although it looks slick, is a given any season.  

From standout shades to something more subtle, scroll on to see the summer colour trends that will still feel relevant next year, and the year after that, and the year after that.

1. Tomato Red

Summer Colour Trends: @emnitta wears a red halter top and skirt



Red isn't always the easiest colour to wear with other tones, but these fashionable types have cracked it—wear it top to toe. 

Personally, I think juicy tomato hues are the way to go; they work with every skin tone and hair colour and never fail to look striking. 

Shop the Colour:

H&M has lots of tomato red clothes to choose from; these trousers are a great place to start. 

Bandeaus are big news this summer. 

I love Rixo's printed pieces, but this block-colour red dress feels just as special. 

2. Buttermilk Yellow

Summer Colour Trends: @thandimaq wears a pale yellow bandeau dress



If quiet luxury were a colour, it would absolutely be pale yellow. Long before the aesthetic was a thing, however, buttermilk tones have been a mainstay in the summer wardrobes of the best-dressed women I follow. 

Summer Colour Trends: @theindiaedit wears a pale yellow minidress



More wearable day to day than ultra-bright yellow tones, this shade works well with other summer colours on my list, doubling up as a neutral when you need it to. 

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Abercrombie & Fitch's Sloane trousers have a track record of selling out. 

Whether you use it as a beach cover-up or tucked into wide-leg trousers for exploring the city, this shirt will be a hardworking addition in your summer wardrobe. 

This Tove dress is practically following me around on Instagram right now. 

3. Fresh White

Summer Colour Trends: @_jessicaskye wears a white linen dress



Okay, so I know I said I wasn't going to talk about black, but white? This is a shade that feels so intrinsic to summer, it would be remiss of me not to mention it. 

Commonly found by way of lightweight materials such as linen or cotton, some of the most cherished pieces in my wardrobe are white and designed for summer, and I can wear them year after year without the slightest concern about them looking dated. 

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You'll think of so many ways to style these shorts. 

Pair this with a scarf top for the ultimate holiday outfit. 

4. Cerulean Blue

Summer Colour Trends: @fisayolonge wears a blue ruffle bikini



Often it's the colours we find in nature that feel the most timeless, and that's certainly the case with blue. I've noticed more and more people wearing this gorgeous cerulean shade over the past few years, and it's easy to see why. 

Joyful and chic in equal measure, this is another shade that looks incredible on everyone. 

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This shirt comes in a slew of colours—take your pick! 

Asymmetric necklines were a huge trend on the runway this season. 

5. Avocado Green

Kelly green—otherwise known as Bottega Veneta green—is a bright, grass-green shade that has been enjoying a surge in popularity over the last few seasons. However, more grounded, avocado-type greens make just as much of a statement while, arguably, being less trend-driven. 

Summer Colour Trends: @monikh wears a green skirt and crop top co-ord



Although it looks great on its own, this green's powdery undertones mean it styles beautifully with colours you might not expect; think pink, orange and blue. 

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Picture these with tan sandals, a white vest and a basket bag. 

6. Soft Beige

A few years ago, beige might have been deemed too boring to include in an edit of summer colour trends but, thankfully, the tides have turned, and now beige is getting the chic appreciation it deserves. 

Summer Colour Trends: @sasha.mei wears a beige suit



Yes, it's versatile, but my favourite beige looks are when the colour takes centre stage as opposed to playing second fiddle to more enticing colours. Understated but reliable, beige is the colour I reach for when I need to look polished in the summer months, and apparently I'm not the only one. 

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The perfect nice top to pair with your favourite jeans.