I Think These 17 Items Make the Perfect Capsule for Summer 2021

Summer capsule wardrobe 2021: Lotte wears a white summer mini dress



Lately, my mind's been wandering straight to thoughts of picnics in the sun, afternoons in beer gardens and the summer dresses I'll be wearing over the next few months. I'm not alone, as I'm still seeing memes about the intense level of outfit planning needed for the occasions ahead. One excellent tweet I saw compared the level of decision-making now that restrictions are lifting to working out what to wear for a year-six disco. 

And now that summer is here, I've been plotting what I'll be adding to my wardrobe. Below, I've listed the 17 items that I think are welcome additions to any wardrobe in summer 2021 and make for a perfect capsule with a mix of basics and statement pieces.

Summer capsule wardrobe 2021: Basma_k wears a yellow dress with a basket bag



I have included a blend of summer staples such as tank tops, basket bags and high-waisted jeans, which form the building blocks of any successful summer wardrobe. Of course, you can't talk about summer without mentioning dresses, and for 2021, I'm loving joyful bright-pink dresses; simple white, flowing dresses; and even a black dress with cut-outs for after-dark events. When it comes to sandal trends, there is one style that has remained a front runner so far this year and will be perfect for walking thousands of steps: leather fisherman sandals. We can thank The Row for this one. 

Keep scrolling for the 17 items that I think make the perfect capsule for summer 2021.

1. Denim Skirt

Summer capsule wardrobe 2021: denim skirt



2. Bright-Pink Dress

Summer capsule wardrobe 2021: pink dress



3. Tracksuit Shorts

4. High-Waisted jeans

5. Basket Bag

Summer capsule wardrobe 2021: basket bag



6. Fisherman Sandals

7. White Dress

8. Loafers

9. Printed Silk Scarf

Summer capsule wardrobe 2021: printed silk scarf



10. Bucket Hat

Summer capsule wardrobe 2021: sun hat



11. Short-Sleeve Shirt

12. Linen Separates

13. Tank Top

Summer capsule wardrobe 2021: tank top



14. Colourful Knitwear

Summer capsule wardrobe 2021: colourful knitwear



15. Tie-Dye Top

Summer capsule wardrobe 2021: tie dye top



16. Baseball Cap

Summer capsule wardrobe 2021: baseball caps



17. Black Dress With Cut-Outs

This post was originally published at an earlier time and has since been updated.

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