The Summer Cult Buys You'll Want to Invest in Now Before They Sell Out

We all know the feeling when you set your heart on a particular piece and find it’s sold out when you finally get around to buying it. This happened to me last summer with a number of items I’d earmarked to invest in for a late holiday. To be honest, I take full responsibility. I’m not a forward thinker when it comes to shopping, and my pre-holiday or -event routine usually ends up being a mad dash around Westfield and a same-day Net-a-Porter order. Surprisingly, this doesn’t often come up with very fruitful results. 

This year, I’ve vowed to change my approach and invest in fewer pieces I really love ahead of time. I’m still thinking about how Arizona Love’s bandana sandals and Frankie Shop’s ubiquitous tank top could make my current summer wardrobe so much better, so they’ll be top of the list since they’ve just been restocked (a sure-fire sign they’ll be everywhere again for 2020). 

New additions that we have already seen creeping into our Instagram feeds include Faithfull’s array of printed pieces (I’ll take any and all of it), and the Who What Wear collection thong sandals, which, trust us, are flying off the shelves already. 

Yes, it’s early, and we’ve barely had a whiff of spring sunshine yet, but however it may feel, it’s coming—we promise. And when it does, we want you to be ready. It’s our job as editors at Who What Wear to predict what styles and trends are going to be big for the season ahead, and we can tell you now these 15 items are guaranteed sell-outs. 

Keep scrolling for summer 2020’s cult products that you won’t regret buying now.


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