We're Officially Obsessed With This New Accessories Line

There are many reasons why models and influencers are brilliant at creating their own fashion lines, but perhaps the biggest reason is that they know what looks good and what doesn't. Put it this way: They've already had the chance to test-drive some of the best stuff around. 

So we're pretty excited about the upcoming accessories collection from model Suki Waterhouse and pal TV presenter Poppy Jamie. Now, we don't have any items to check out right now but, as Suki and Poppy know, any self-respecting fashion brand has to have a killer Insta account to promote the line.

Currently, we're all kinds of obsessed with the gorgeous @popandsuki account. All the snaps have a dreamy quality about them with the theme of baby pink running throughout, whether that's paint on a wall, the back of a Cadillac or bed sheets. And seeing as we're loving everything pink right now, if the Insta account is anything to go buy, we're going to be pretty happy with this accessories line. 

Keep scrolling to see our picks of Poppy Jamie and Suki Waterhouse's Insta account, plus when the line will launch.

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