The 4 Epic Packing Mistakes These Girls Won't Make Again

When it comes to successful holiday packing, there's a lot one can learn from the girls who rule Instagram. Their feet barely touch the ground before another exciting adventure beckons them overseas. Sun-drenched pictures are the best pictures, after all. So when Net-a-Porter invited yours truly along to an influencer get-together at Soho Farmhouse to celebrate the launch of their vacation shop online (the hashtag #jetaporter was of course in full swing), it seemed only right to drill down into the methodology behind such precise vacay wardrobing. These ladies are human (very good-looking humans, I know), and they must have experienced the same suitcase dramas as us at one point or another. But the difference is they've they've now had heaps of experience to go forth and problem solve. The below four mistakes are the ones they've all endured, and found solutions to.

1. Overpacking.

2. Packing it in a rush.

3. Not having a backup plan in case of a luggage emergency.

4. Carelessly packing cosmetics.

Keep reading to see how these girls avoid these major packing fails, and shop some key holiday pieces along the way…

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