The Lesser-Known Sandal Brand Every Fashion Girl Loves

Sometimes, the unexpected trends turn out to be the best, and that's certainly true of Velcro-strap sandals. Our obsession began last summer when a host of influencers started sporting them with everything from midi dresses to cropped jeans. Initially, Teva was the brand that proved victorious, as its black, minimalistic sandals proceeded to sell out within a couple of weeks. Then it was Suicoke sandals, which took the baton.

Founded in 2006, the cult Japanese label had incongruous beginnings crafting small wooden ornaments before transitioning into footwear. Boasting foam soles and cushioned velcro straps, Suicoke swiftly gained momentum in its country of origin as a key name in the shoe world. Today, its international profile is continually growing, though it still remains relatively under the radar on Brit soil. Most recently, the brand has done a collab with one of our other favourite labels right now: Cecilie Bahnsen, who created a small range of floral-embellished Velcro sandals. 

Keep scrolling to see just some of the ways people are wearing their Suicoke sandals, and then shop our favourite pairs for yourself.

Suicoke Sandals: @__dreeezus wears her Suicoke sandals with a muted colour palette



Make like Adriana and stick to a muted colour palette to ensure your Suicoke sandals look sleek. 

Suicoke Sandals: @andriasdose wears het Suicoke sandals with white trousers



Use them to give your tailored pieces a cool edge, much like Andria. 

They look just as good paired with dresses, as evidenced on Brittany. 

Coordinate a coloured pair of Suicoke sandals to your top like Katie for a look that's instantly pulled together. 

We love how Ellie has clashed her purple Suicoke sandals with a pair of yellow printed trousers. 

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This piece was published at an earlier date and has since been updated. 

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