This Is the Most Surprising Trainer Trend of the Summer

Suede trainers trend: woman wearing Adidas Gazelles


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When it comes to sneakers, we're always keen to know about the latest on offer. As we're often walking around a city, it's useful to know what kind of trainers fit in the middle of the style vs function Venn diagram. Happily, thanks to our insider at Pinterest, we've been informed that there's one surprising sneaker trend that's gaining in popularity on the site, with a 225% increase in people pinning it.

The suede trainer, yes suede, is currently the most popular sneaker trend right now. This is compared to high-top trainers only seeing a 30% increase and white trainers with a 125% increase. Now, while the suede sneaker isn't as practical as some others (don't mention the words 'water damage'), we can't deny the allure of this luxe, slightly retro look. From the high-end covetable sandy-suede trainers from Loewe to Adidas Gazelles becoming more popular this year, we reckon you might be swapping your Stan Smiths sooner than you realise. Just buy some protector, please! 

Keep scrolling for our pick of the best suede sneakers right now...

Red is the colour of next season, just FYI.

Gigi and Bella are bigs fans of this shoe. 

A twist on the Gazelles with these Adidas Campus sneakers. 

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