This £6 Product Is the Unsung Beauty Hero You Never Knew You Needed

There is nothing I love more than discovering cult beauty products from around the globe. Whether I’m holidaying in Paris, New York or Mumbai, my trip isn’t complete without at least one visit to a local pharmacy or drugstore. Whether it’s French pharmacy skincare brands, bargain U.S. makeup buys or Asian multipurpose balms, I have found that in order to get my hands on some of the best beauty products that the world has to offer, overseas travel is imperative.

Recently, however, I spotted two women in the queue at Boots with baskets full of Sudocrem. When I was called to the till next to theirs, I couldn’t help but ask the circumstances in which one might require so much Sudocrem, especially when a tub seems to last a lifetime. They informed me that they were visiting London from the United States and had been informed that Sudocrem is one of beauty’s best-kept secrets. They wanted to buy a pot not only for themselves but for everyone they know back home too. And it’s true—Sudocrem really is a cult British product. Every single person can relate to its wonders, from you and I to the likes of Victoria Beckham (yes, we have it on good authority that she’s a fan).

As I walked out of the store, I realised that I have dedicated my life to seeking out the globe’s most impressive beauty buys, without once considering what cult British products I’m taking for granted. Sudocrem, it turns out, is definitely one of them. The truth is, I’ve always had a pot of Sudocrem in the bathroom cabinet. I might not use it every day, but knowing it’s there as a safety net to help deal with any unexpected skin dramas is all the comfort I need.

For those that aren’t familiar, Sudocrem is essentially an antiseptic cream but is commonly bought by new mums to treat nappy rash. However, because of its impressive antiseptic qualities, it can also be used to treat a number of other skin irritations. For example, Sudocrem is my go-to skin soother for when I have eczema flare-ups or a reaction to a product I’m trialling. I’m also always sure to take a pot on holiday with me to help treat and calm sunburn.

But it turns out this little white paste isn’t just great at treating irritation, it’s also a fantastic beauty product. A dab onto angry spots at night will help to minimise inflammation and discomfort, leaving breakouts visibly reduced come morning. More surprising is that it also acts as the ultimate fake tan barrier when applied to dry patches and palms of the hands to avoid unsightly orange blotches. The best part? It’s under £10. Keep scrolling to shop all of the different Sudocrem variations available.

This is the original stuff. It comes in a very generous 400g pot, and trust me when I say it will last you years and year. 

In a 60g travel-friendly pot, this is the perfect little addition to your suitcase when going abroad. 

The ultimate barrier cream, this little tube is great for those fake tan sessions I mentioned. Plus, it’s formulated with vitamin E and vitamin B5 to keep the skin soft and healthy. 

Since getting my hands on one of these compact tiny tubs last month, it’s become a permanent resident of my handbag. It is absolutely perfect for any nicks, irritation or redness you might experience while out and about. 

Formulated specifically for adults and teenagers with spots, this handy tube is great for calming breakouts. 

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