7 Things Stylish Women Always Do When Getting Dressed


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Waking up, pouring a cup of coffee, maybe hopping in the shower, or hitting the gym; we all have our own unique routine when it comes to kicking off a new day. But one thing we all have no choice but to do is to get dressed for whatever lies ahead. With our constant daily to-do lists, it's not unusual to spend an entire day running from responsibility to responsibility, which is why in 2017, there's nothing more important than a wardrobe that works with you.

It will come as no surprise then that when it comes to the dos and don'ts of getting dressed, the women who inspire our style have one thing in common: They choose comfort and versatility when picking out their outfit.

Whether that means never wearing heels, or staying away from anything too restrictive, six chic women shared exactly what they do and don't do when getting ready. Armed with their advice, we hope getting up on the right side of the bed will feel just a little bit easier. 

Read on to learn the major morning dos and don'ts of stylish women, and then shop pieces to help you nail getting dressed at the beginning of the day…