10 Things All Insanely Stylish People Secretly Do

Ever wonder why some girls always look effortlessly pulled together and a tad more stylish than you? Some might describe it as the very definition of je ne sais quoi, but we're not completely sold. For such awesomeness to run in a chain of DNA simply isn't fair or logical. They must all have something else in common, right?

We at Who What Wear have put our heads together in order to wheedle out the common threads that everyone we know who is super stylish appears to master. And good news: there is a system one can employ, and it's down to a unique set of styling secrets.

Secrets of stylish people: Jeanne Damas wearing a motif t-shirt with a black skirt


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Jeanne Damas looking all kinds of cool in a motif T-shirt, pleated midi skirt, ballet pumps and snake-print bag.

Today, we'll share the golden, stylish information with you. From simple outfit tricks to keeping your investments in tip-top condition, here are 10 things all stylish people do to remain on top of the fashion game. 

Go through the gallery to uncover these not-so-mystical factors that stylish women all do.

1. Spend time remembering and playing with outfit combinations.
Secrets of stylish people: Eni wearing a neutral jumper dress with snake boots



Style Notes: It's not necessarily all about planning for specific days or moments, but knowing that everything in your wardrobe works with something. This also informs their shopping decisions. For example, Eni has really discovered that knitted or jersey midi dresses suit her style, looking to refresh a couple of easy go-to styles in different ways throughout winter.

2. Never fear being simple and chic.
Secrets of stylish people: Brittany Bathgate wearing a navy trench coat with trainers



Style Notes: Some of the girls we enjoy following most on Instagram actually keep things really classic and simple, creating the kind of effortless looks we feel we could actually replicate. One such lovely lady is Brittany Bathgate, whose commitment to clothes that look timeless and work well together (sticking to a neutral palette and flattering, easy fits) inspires us on a daily basis.

Style Notes: In fact, it's actually worth taking your new shoes to a cobbler before you even wear them. By adding soles and a slight (un-noticeable) wedge to the front of the toe, it will help prevent scuffing and wear and tear. You can even get the cheapest shoes fixed up to be more hardy.

4. Know that personal style is about re-wearing—and enjoying it.
Secrets of stylish people: Stephanie Broek wearing a white blouse, Fendi bag and jeans



Style Notes: No matter what your actual aesthetic is—whether mad and wild or super-simple—it's important to feel comfortable rewearing your clothes. This might sound obvious to many but we have fallen into a trap of needing "new" all the time, equating it to looking good. This is certainly not the sentiment anyone truly chic will share—so have confidence in what you like and find ways to keep on a-styling. More and more influencers are bucking the trend for shopping endlessly, and instead extolling the virtues of cost-per-wear and the items that keep them happy on repeat.

5. Dress to impress… themselves!
Secrets of stylish people: Anum Bashir wearing a printed skirt, denim jacket and corsage



Style Notes: Forget dressing for prospective partners or even your most discerning girlfriends, because looking truly stylish is all about dressing for yourself. What makes you happy? What do you want to pull out every morning? Anum Bashir of Desert Mannequin always has this joyous attitude towards her wardrobe.

6. Absorb style inspo from anyone and everyone.
Secrets of stylish people: Tamu McPherson wearing a zebra skirt, blue leather jacket and cream boots



Style Notes: We're not talking about full head-to-toe style jacking here, but if you love the way someone has layered a piece or wears certain combinations together, then don't be afraid to jot it down and pull the idea out at some point. Two stylish heads are better than one, right?

Style Notes: You know why everything is so long in Zara? Because Spanish girls are apparently used to getting their clothes tailored—it's a way of life for them. But this rule can work for any item, from trousers to jackets, and guarantees you've got something that works hard for your money. A perfect fit is both priceless and timeless.

8. Pick affordable fashion carefully and calmy.
Secrets of stylish people: Lauren Nicole wearing a printed Evans dress



Style Notes: Celebrities, editors and influencers can all appreciate a good piece from the high street, but they all know it's important to not get wrapped up in a fad and to buy the items that really speak to you. When you're not looking to A-listers we'd suggest tracking affordable brands' hashtags on social media, so you can see what else other people are buying and enjoying.

9. Are never excessively coiffed or entirely scruffy.
Secrets of stylish people: Pernille Teisbaek wearing a white shirt and checked trousers



Style Notes: This tightrope between dishevelled and done is tricky, we know, but someone like Pernille Teisbaek walks it to perfection. See here: Messy hair and a crumpled shirt paired with some fancy checked pants.

10. Identify a favourite thing to buy, and make it their signature.
Secrets of stylish people: Alexa Chung in a navy jumper with white jeans and tan loafers


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Styles Notes: It's okay to be a "shoe person" or a "denim person." Alexa Chung has countless navy sweaters (so she tells us) and keeps buying them still. Bottom line: Find what you're into and make it like a collection of greatness. One day you could even open that museum of high heels you've dreamt of. 

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