7 Fresh Styling Tricks From Our Favourite Online Brands

Sometimes a new outfit idea can be quite literally staring you in the face—in all of its wardrobe-transforming glory—and you can completely miss it. Not just you—we admit to such (very rare, but occasional) moments too. Take e-commerce, for example. It’s easy to mindlessly click and scroll on that quest for the perfect pair of jeans, earrings, or boots (delete as appropriate) and entirely overlook the hard styling graft that has gone into hundreds of items and ensembles a week.

So rather than street style gurus or catwalk rundowns, today we’re dishing out credit where credit is due: to our favourite online brands that are tireless in their creative efforts, making winter closets sing with newness. We’ve done the groundwork for you, uncovering ingenious and unexpected styling tweaks to afford you a mid-season top-up—from J.Crew’s stole-belt morphology to Zara’s waist-tied coat craze.

Feeling experimental? Scroll down to see and shop fashion’s latest fine-tuning…