These Fresh Styling Tricks Will Make Any Outfit Feel 100 Times Cooler

The fashion people I love to follow on Instagram are the ones who aren't afraid to just go for it when it comes to styling. They don't need brand-new pieces in every post to spark creativity; they just try out the same pieces in new ways. Whether it's layering tricks or swapping a classic piece for something outrageous, I love finding new styling ideas on Instagram.

If any of these women do go ahead and buy into new-season trends and cult pieces, then I know they will wear them in an original way. So if you're looking to refresh your wardrobe without actually spending too much, I've got you covered. Keep scrolling to see (and shop, should you want to truly copy the following looks) the new styling tricks I've picked up on my recent scrolls through Instagram.

1. Wear Puff-Sleeved Blouses Under Dresses

We all love a good new layering trick every winter season, and this year we're all about the sleeves. Transform your summer dresses into cold-weather pieces by layering a puff-sleeved blouse underneath. Drama! 

2. Wear Beige With a Pop of Colour

Styling Tricks 2019:  Beige and Blue Aesthetic



If you've been loving the all-beige trend that's sustained itself through 2019, try adding a blue-green hue to complement it. We keep seeing this colour combo popping up, so we think it's here to stay. 

3. Wear Knee-Highs with Midi Lengths

Meet you knee-high boots at their level, literally. Whether it's a skirt, dress or shorts, just give it a try.

4. Layer "Mistakes"



Playing with your hemlines looks actually quite cool. Let your sleeves pop out longer than your blazer sleeves and layer your oversized shirt collars over your knits. Have fun with your layers—you might be surprised! 

5. Wear Oversized Jeans With a Going-Out Top

Every season, there's a fun new way to wear jeans and nice top (that's the beauty of this famous formula). This season, try matching your statement tops and blouses with oversized jeans.

6. Wear Open-Toe Heels With Printed Tights

Styling Tricks 2019: Stephanie Broek in Marine Serre Tights and Mules



For the longest time, I've thought of this combo as a faux pas, but since I've seen Stephanie Broek purposefully pairing her Carrie Bradshaw heels with full tights, I love it. Fashion rebellion is always cool.

7. Pair White Socks With Black Loafers

Styling Tricks 2019: Courtney Trop in a Black Dress with Burberry Mary-Janes and White Socks



Socks and loafers is another previously no-no styling trick that is making a comeback, and it has my full support. The dolly loafers are a full commitment to school-uniform chic.

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