Stock Up–These 10 Trends Will Definitely Still Be a Thing in 2019

Nope, not all fashion trends have to have a nearsighted expiration date. In fact, the best trends are those that surprise us by actually sticking around for more than one or two seasons, making a larger footprint on the trend cycle and, thus, our closets. For anyone feeling the exhaustion of keeping up with fashion's brisk pace (let's be real—the turnover rate for trends is pretty high these days), we have some good news in store for you: At least the following 10 trends that were big in 2018 will continue to be just as relevant, if not more so, in 2019.

The end of the year comes with its fair share of closet cleanouts, so to better assist you with deciding what's worth tossing and keeping, we rounded up the 2019 fashion trends you should definitely hold onto. Haven't had a chance to get your hands on the following pieces? There's no time like the present to stock up. Because the best part about trends that cross over from season to season is that you don't have to wait to participate in them—every retailer under the sun is carrying a version right now.

Ready to see which fashion trends will continue to dominate in 2019? Keep reading to find out why we're putting money behind these 10 styles, and then shop our picks if you know what's good for you.