5 Essentials Style Bloggers Need to Survive Fashion Week

In between the shows, schmoozing, outfit snapping, strategy building, social media updating and ensuring a presence here, there and everywhere, it's vital that style bloggers keep on the top of their game for weeks on a row—and that can't be achieved on enthusiasm and really great new shoes alone. 


Five Five Fabulous

Cue Reem Kanj of fashion blog Five Five Fabulous for some guidance. Alongside her equally stylish sister, Natalya, Reem has been in the game for almost four years now, so if anyone knows how to glamorously get through the fashion week schedule it's these two. Scroll down to see Reem's five top tips for survival...

"As obvious as it may be, staying hydrated is not just essential for, well, life, but also so you look and feel great throughout fashion week. Starting at 7 a.m. and ending your evenings past midnight can really take its toll. So don’t forget to get those fluids in, and no, not just with coffee." — Reem Kanj, Five Five Fabulous

"Thankfully flats and sneakers remain to reign and we couldn’t be more on board. There’s something about your feet being comfortable that just puts you in a better mood, and we could all do with more happy faces around fashion week." — Reem Kanj, Five Five Fabulous

"After a few busy weeks of constant makeup, early mornings and late nights, it can take a huge toll on your skin. Staying on top of a routine as well as optimising relaxation is so essential." — Reem Kanj, Five Five Fabulous

"Fashion week is intense, that goes without saying. So every season I make sure I’m on my A game by being very organised. There are going to be so many last-minute changes, late starts and other things to throw you off, but at least you’ll be prepared." — Reem Kanj, Five Five Fabulous

"It's so easy to get carried away when the pressures of being noticed arise. Keeping it classy whilst still making a statement is easier than you might think with some subtle styling." — Reem Kanj, Five Five Fabulous

Tell us about the pieces that get you through busy weeks in the comments box below… And keep track of all of our London Fashion Week coverage as we go!

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