10 Ways to Nail Smart Casual Like a Style Blogger

There are very few other dress codes that require two totally different vibes in the same way that smart casual demands—no wonder it's the trickiest of them all. No one ever says I want to turn up in evening sportswear, right? So don't beat yourself up if acing that 50/50 mix of pulled togetherness with laid-back pulled-off-the-floor–ness isn't always making itself clear in your wardrobe. This is a skill many a style blogger has now mastered, party because they are naturally adept at styling, but partly because in the creation and documentation of so many outfits you can start to see patterns that emerge (that's why we fully encourage you to take snaps of your own looks that work for future reference). 

Scroll down for the kind of ensembles you can cut and paste into your own closet this weekend and beyond!

Do you have a combination you always rely on? Let us know in the comments box below...