The #1 Outfit Trick Stylish Girls Are Stealing From David Beckham

This year has been nothing if not excellent on the accessories front—we've had beautiful brand-new It bags galore (from the pink Gucci Marmont to the Balenciaga striped shopper), a truckload of dazzling earrings, an endless stream of silk neckties and scarves, brooches, backless loafers—need we go on? This year gave individuals a wide berth to complement their clothes however they want—more can be more, but less can be more too. But there's one new addition to the add-ons scene that we weren't expecting: the baker-boy hat. 

Kate Moss has always worn them. So has Diane Kruger and Sienna Miller. But never often enough for them to become a thing in the same way that fedoras or beanies have. Over the past year, the blogging community has picked up on this wildcard millinery trend as its own unique way to tackle the cold (and bad hair days). Where did the trend come from? Nobody really knows. Are all of the coolest girls wearing one? Absolutely.

Scroll down to see how each street-chic lady makes the hat her own, and shop the nattiest versions you can find now.