The Best 5 Fashion Rules I've Inherited From My Stylish Mum

Although she'd cringe at the thought of it—and shake her head vehemently in disagreement—my mum really is my number one style icon. While I may be swayed from time to time by the clever outfit skills of, say, Olivia Palermo or Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, more often than not, I turn time and time again to the sage snippets of advice I've absorbed over the years from my mother. In all honestly, she's the only person I trust to tell me the truth (with some tact) about any given outfit, and definitely the only person I feel comfortable shopping with.



Courtesy of Hannah Almassi

We both clearly share a love of red! Left: My mum in 1987 holding me and wearing a red knitted dress that her mother made in the '60s. Right: A recent photo of me wearing my favourite new jumper from Finery.

My mum has always looked pulled together, even if she hasn't felt that way. Her mother was the same; not once did I see my grandma without a pair of earrings on, even in the hospital during her later years. As a family, we've never had an excess of cash to spare on clothes, but they've been a priority nonetheless—whether it's a case of whipping something up from scratch or adapting an existing purchase, sewing machines have been just as wise an investment as any handbag.

So let's get to the point: Just what has my mother advised me on over the years? And what could you potentially learn from? Keep reading to find out—and to shop the relevant pieces for each key style tip.

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