The History of Streetwear: From Stüssy to Vetements

Streetwear isn’t a new phenomenon—it has actually been around for nigh on 40 years. However, it's over the past few seasons that the once humble aesthetic has successfully moved into the higher echelons of fashion, establishing itself as a retail force to be reckoned with. From one and all wearing tracksuit bottoms as if they're jeans to celebrities constantly choosing athleisure over all else, it turns out that streetwear is so much more than a trend or phase. Designer brands such as Vetements and Off-White, which riff on these style signatures, have become the hottest property in the industry and show no signs of slowing down.

But how did it turn out that what was once a subversive, subculture movement only followed by surfers and skateboarders now influences the whole of the fashion industry, from the high-street to the luxury market? I'm fascinated how not only our tastes have changed but how one small movement became so big. To really understand the genesis of this seismic shift in how we dress, I spoke to a raft of experts, from streetwear journalists to clothing manufacturers, as well as streetwear designers and buyers. Keep scrolling to find out how one small fashion movement changed the way we dress forever.

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