7 Cool International Models on What's Trending in Their Neighbourhoods

Often relocating from their home towns or cities for exciting opportunities as swiftly as they might have to jet off for a last-minute job overseas, models are some of the fashion industry's most seasoned globetrotters. With Who What Wear UK's focus this month on global style and all its beautiful nuances, this important tribe of insiders needed be tapped for information.

Models have to flex to feel comfortable in any given country on any given day, but they're also understandably be keen to hold onto the culture and fashion influences tied to their heritage. Gone are the days of blank-canvas girls where the uniform is a black biker jacket and skinny jeans—worldwide appeal now revolves around a unique sense of style and ability to express oneself.

So how does this new way of living affect the way you view street style, Instagram or trending fashion brands, for example? We put some questions forward to a hip international set of models to understand not only how their personal styles have been shaped throughout the course of their peripatetic careers but to also get their lowdown on the ever-growing street style scenes across the world.

Our team collaborated with the premium influencer company Model Village to source well-dressed, clever, in-demand models to give us some insight. From Denmark to Brazil and the U.K. to the USA, below you'll discover new names to add to your feed as well as a few choice insights to pepper into your next intellectual fashion conversations.