Street Style's Most Surprising Trends of 2016 Thus Far

When it comes to dissecting the fashion trends that bubble up on the street, sometimes it's obvious what's going to be a big hitter. For example, if enough editors rave over a particular collection—cue the whole wide world lusting after Gucci loafers—then it's highly likely that the look will quickly translate onto the pavements. At other times, you have to wait the process out. Slowly but surely, a sartorial mood can grasp key influencers at the same time and, purely by mutual interest and coincidence, a new idea, styling trick or must-have comes together. 

So rather than the omnipresent street style trends that are already out there in the ether, we've drilled down into the micro movements happening in the most advanced circles. From the girls who have adopted the latest looks early— think straight-leg jeans that have to be unrolled to feel truly of-the-moment, through to the idea of layering bras and halter tops over anything and everything—here are the sidewalk fashion moments we couldn't have predicted but will soon grab a hold of your wardrobe.

Go through the gallery to see what's on point for 2016, plus shop a key piece for each new look…