5 Expensive-Looking Colour Combinations to Try This Spring

It's easy to fall into the same shopping patterns. Even fashion editors are guilty of restricting themselves to tried and tested silhouettes, fabrics, and colours. However, in the spirit of giving our wardrobes a refresh ahead of spring, we've been looking at new, cost-free ways to breathe a new lease of life into our outfits—and one of the easiest ways to do so is by experimenting with colour. 

After months of wearing a dark palette, donning fresher hues is sometimes all need do to shake the cobwebs away. Now, we're not saying you have to go from wearing grey to bubblegum pink right away—even wearing brown where you would black could be all you need to overhaul an ensemble. 

To prove our point, throughout the course of fashion month, we've seen countless showgoers wearing stylish colour combinations, the best of which you'll find below. Chances are you already have pieces in your wardrobe that'll allow you to re-create their stellar looks, but should you need to, we've also shopped out our favourite pieces for each colour pairing. Keep scrolling to see what pieces you should start pulling out from your drawers.


This colour combination has become so popular in fashion circles that it's teetering on timeless territory. The person who first discovered how chic light blue and burgundy looks together should be featured in the fashion hall of fame. 

Street Style Colour Trends 2020: Yellow and rust

If you've already consulted our spring/summer 2020 trend report, you'll know that sunset shades are a major look for the season ahead. Naturally, the fashion elite is already championing it by the way of yellow, orange, rust and red hues. 


Whoever said "pink and green should never be seen" clearly hasn't received the 2020 memo. Easily one of the most prevalent combinations of fashion month, we love how this street styler has opted for powdery pink and green hues for a polished take on the trend. That said, bright, borderline-neon hues are also proving popular right now, so be as bold as you like. 


Brown has always been divisive, but now, the hue is the height of sophistication—particularly when it's worn with cream. If you're cautious, we recommend investing in a timeless-looking brown accessory and pairing it with a milky dress like this show attendee.  

Okay, so we know they're technically the same colour, but we've seen so many style types wearing various gradients of purple in one outfit. Which is unsurprising, seeing as its probably 2020's top colour trend. 

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