I Haven't Worn This Top Trend Since 2007, But That's About to Change

Beyoncé told us, “What goes around comes back around,” and we can’t think of anything that sums up this specific top trend quite so succinctly. Demand for strapless tops peaked in the ’90s when they were primarily worn with disc belts and low-slung jeans. I got into them in my teens when they reappeared sometime in the mid-aughts, choosing to wear mine with ripped-hem denim miniskirts and slouchy boots. It was a look.

However, lately, I’ve noticed lots of fashion types wearing strapless summer tops once again, and although they certainly come with a dose of nostalgia built in, I couldn’t help but notice that they look chic, too.

Strapless Summer Tops: @emmanuellek_ wears a floral strapless top with ecru jeans



From structured corset-style tops to bohemian-inspired scarfs and basic jersey tubes, the strapless top has come back and is better than ever. If you’re not quite sure how to style it, fret not, for influencers are serving up some stellar suggestions. We love how Lucy Williams and Emmanuelle Koffi have given theirs a cool update with the addition of ecru trousers and jeans, while Alessandra Garcia uses her bright-pink tube top to lift her staple black midi skirt. The general rule of thumb is to keep your bottom half pared-back and simple to let your strapless summer top shine. That, or you can follow Nicole Huisman’s lead and seek out styles in standout shades and buy up any matching trousers that come with it.

Whether you’re looking for something to wear on a hot day or want to get dressed up for a night out, strapless summer tops provide the solution. Continue below to see some of my favourites that I’ve found (I've included a few with very minimal straps in case you want that little extra support), soaking up some visual outfit inspiration as you go.


Strapless Summer Tops: @alessandragl wears a bright printed strapless top