The 5 Strangest Fashion Trends on Instagram

Instagram has brought us many gifts since its 2010 launch, not least of which has been the popularisation of fashion trends like normcore. Although these fads usually begin outside of the app, they tend to flourish once there due to searchable hashtags and the mini communities they often creates. But not all of these trends are as “normal” as the aforementioned, which was quickly adopted by the mainstream public. No, some of these trends are downright strange—their inspiration and functionality (or lack thereof) a total mystery to most of us. Case in point? The five little-known trends below. 

Scroll down to discover the five strangest trends on Instagram!


Originally from Beijing, this trend entails women wearing bean sprouts in their hair in the fashion of a headband. If done correctly, the sprouts, which are usually attached to hairclips, appear to be growing out of the wearers’ heads. Metro UK speculates that the trend was inspired by a popular Chinese cartoon character from the show Pleasant Goat and the Big Big Wolf.

Full disclosure, this trend is pretty risqué. First taking off in Taiwan, the plastic bag dress trend involves women and men stripping down to replace their clothing with convenience store shopping bags. Though it’s unclear why it began in the first place, 7-11 bags appear to be the most popular choice.


Though it’s unclear whether this trend began somewhere in Europe or Asia, both places can take credit for its growing popularity. While wearing these face-shielding masks is common amongst avid skiers or the particularly sun-weary, they’ve now become a prevalent accessory on beaches in both China and parts of Europe. The look is pretty jarring, but, hey, we’re all for sun protection!


First coined by the digital artist Molly Soda, bonnetcore involves young women posting selfies while wearing the delicate headgear first introduced in the Middle Ages. Though they’re more commonly found on babies today (if they’re found at all), Brooklynites especially have taken to the trend by storm and even Lily-Rose Depp has been seen giving it a spin.


Hailing from Korea, the heartbangs trend is exactly what it sounds like—the formation of one’s bangs into a heart shape, a la Sailor Moon (but upside down). Now popular among pockets of teens and twentysomethings throughout the world, all you need to try the look yourself is a little hairspray and a lot of cajunas.

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