How to Look Stylish in Just 3 Steps

Looking chic and stylish used to be something reserved for only the richest and most priveleged women in the world—but now, fortunately for all of us, style is something that is accessible to anyone. Like many things that have changed since the birth of the Internet, personal style is now officially democratized.

We try very hard here at Who What Wear to provide you with approachable, real-world style tips, and (frankly) to make them as easy as possible. Since it doesn't really get easier than three steps to style, we came up with three super-simple steps anyone can follow to look more stylish than ever.

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Simply put: less is more. Avoid fussiness by removing one accessory or piece of jewellery before you leave the house, remove the risk of clashing by not wearing more than one or two colours, keep in mind that novel details like fringe are most impactful when kept to a minimum, and so on. Simple, sleek looks are often the most stylish.

Of all the things that make a woman look not stylish, ill-fitting clothing probably tops the list. It's such an important factor that it almost doesn't matter what you're wearing, as long as it fits you well. Choose silhouettes that frame you well, that move well with your figure, and that highlight your best assets.

As has been much discussed here on Who What Wear, we are big proponents of the third piece: the jacket, scarf, hat, or other signature accessory that takes your look from basic to outstanding. Most stylish women rely on a third piece to help them deliver consistently stylish looks, and there's a good reason for that—an outfit just looks much more put-together with that extra little something.

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