I'm Done With Boring—Here Are 5 Fabulous Outfits to Wear This Winter

I sealed the deal this week when I sent back a faulty puffer coat to its original home. I'm just not a sensible outfit kind of person, and it simply wasn't meant to be. I didn't want to reorder another one, I didn't want to find something similar and I didn't care to consider the reality that the rest of my winter wardrobe is highly impractical for the weather and lifestyle I lead. There are many days of the week where I'm on drizzly walks, schlepping about with a pram, a rucksack and some food shopping bags all whilst attempting to balance a coffee in whatever hand is miraculously free. Deep down, I need waterproof coats with hoods and I need flat boots. And most of all, I need to not be inexorably drawn to colourful outerwear, fluffy fabrics, cute little mini bags you tuck under your arms, sunglasses that look extra AF and so on and so forth. But I am, and that's where this gallery comes in: If you're also finished with entirely suitable winter attire for your weekday and weekend jaunts outside, then here is a selection of fabulous cold-weather looks I'd recommend instead. 

Courtesy of some of the most divine women on Instagram, here are the five statement winter outfits I'll be showcasing in my neighbourhood.

I'll take your skinny jeans and puffer coat and I raise you this furry-collared number and co-ords. Ha! Add in a quirky bag and casual sneakers and you have a look that manages to grab attention but also be pretty damn comfortable too. You can always trust Nnenna to get this ratio right.

Just when you thought that leopard coat was bold enough along comes a full head-to-toe animal print look to shake your very core. Keep it in neutral tones, add in black accessories and you too could look as wild as Emili Sindlev here.

I thought my Ganni rain hat was pretty rad, and then I saw this matching checked coat and bucket hat from Baum Und Pferdgarten and realised I could up my game even more. Oh, and while I'm at it, I may as well wear fluoro pink trousers, knitwear, shoes and a bag.

Hell yes to a full tartan coat, square sunnies and high-heeled boots. I've missed this kind of glam. Thanks for the reminder, Fisayo. 

Olivia describes this look at either Big Bird or J. Lo—either way, I'm sold on the idea of a big faux-fur coat with matching boots. Not sure I'll be able to go sans tights, but stranger things have happened.

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