Is This Stain-Proof T-Shirt the Future of Fashion?

High-tech fashion—like the self-lacing shoes Marty McFly wears in Back to the Future: Part II—is fun to think about, but other than smart watches and other accessories, it’s not easy coming across truly wearable pieces. Until now. Australian company Threadsmiths makes cotton t-shirts with a patented hydrophobic nanotechnology application that repels liquid and dirt for up to 80 washes. Though understanding the advanced technology behind the fabric is a bit, well, complicated, we do know this shirt's a total game-changer. Think about it: Mum wouldn’t need to launder her toddler’s clothes every time ketchup was spilled, chefs could wear their jackets without worrying about stains, and so on. Intrigued, we put the brand's basic Cavalier t-shirt to the test.

Keep reading to see how this stain-proof shirt held up (and check out the cool video at the end demonstrating how it works).