Stacey Dooley's Low-Key Jeans-and-Sandals Outfit Is All I Want to Wear Right Now

Stacey Dooley Baggy Jeans and Sandals Outfit: @sjdooley’s latest look is exactly what I want to wear right now



Stacey Dooley is our go-to for easy outfit solutions. 

Easy outfits—is there anything more satisfying than throwing on a couple of well-chosen wardrobe basics, turning to gauge your reflection in the mirror and seeing an outfit that just works? It’s the sort of rush I live for and the sort I’m sure Stacey Dooley experienced when she assembled her latest look.

Jeans are a failsafe in any wardrobe, but I’ll be the first to admit that I can get a little tired of thinking up fresh ways to style them. This is precisely why I saved Dooley’s latest IG post. I was impressed at just how good she made the baggy-jeans trend look by styling hers with another ’90s staple: chunky thong sandals.

Stacey Dooley Baggy Jeans and Sandals Outfit: @sjdooley’s latest look is exactly what I want to wear right now



Her latest look is one I want to copy ASAP. 

I wouldn’t go as far as to say that Dooley’s jeans-and-sandals pairing is “new,” but it is a combination I personally haven’t thought to try this season. Of course, now that I’ve seen how good the combo can look—particularly when styled with an equally slouchy vest top and a bright handbag (hers is from COS, FYI)—I immediately want to re-create it. And I have a hunch you’ll want to too. So scroll on to shop the pieces you need to copy Stacey Dooley’s chic jeans-and-sandals outfit. 


The asymmetric seams add interest to baggy blues. 

The distressing on these jeans looks so authentic. 

A light wash only adds to the Y2K appeal of baggy jeans. 


These sandals have been on my wish list for two years straight. 

I can confirm these are as comfy as you’d expect M&S shoes to be. 


White jersey will always serve you well. 

Another loose-fitting style I like. 

Keep things classic in a black vest top. 


Honestly, I think this is one of the best bags currently on the high street. 

Prefer cross-bodies? This bag is the one. 

The bag that’s currently following me on social media. 

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