This Sandal Trend Came From Nowhere, But Suddenly It's Unavoidable

Here at Who What Wear UK, we always strive to tell you about the next big trends ahead of time. That's why we created Microtrend Monday, your weekly alert to let you know the items and styling tricks that are suddenly taking off.

There are certain sandal trends that remain constant—among them leather slides, two-strap black leather and sturdy Birkenstocks at the beach. However, one of 2018's leading styles is a bit more left-field. This summer, many of the key sandals have an angular square toe. By Far and Jacquemus are two of the labels leading this rather niche trend—just take a look at their strappy stilettos, which look like they've been cut off at the front. These are definitely the shoes that Carrie Bradshaw would be wearing in 2018. By Far have even called its square-toe stilettos The Carrie.