The In-Between Weather Pieces Every Girl Needs

Spring has truly sprung, and the fashion set are tweaking their looks accordingly. Like daffodils shaking free of the earth, we’re beginning to peel off layers—a shoulder is exposed here, an ankle there. Nothing flashy: It’s still cold, occasionally super windy and quite often drizzling. But wintry black can start being replaced with hint-of-sun pastels, woolen shawls with chic little scarves and clunky boots with something altogether more delicate.

Keep it grown-up with clean lines and modern fabrics: A '90s-style slip dress is a safe bet, but don't worry if you still need to wear a coat with one. A tailored sleeveless jacket will neatly segue into your workwear wardrobe, but will also be good for layering up with a warm knit should you need to. Sharp d’Orsay pumps will allow you to break out of the boot routine. Scroll down to see the pieces you need to deal with spring's changeable climate.