According to TikTok, These Are the Only Spring Trends That Matter

Spring Tik Tok Trends



Here at Who What Wear, we're always giving you the latest scoop on what's trending on the fashion front of social media. In the past year, we've taken many deep dives into the world of TikTok, from testing out viral beauty tips to documenting the app's go-to fashion-girl aesthetic. I should probably be spending less time on the app, but in the name of journalism, I scrolled through my feed to pinpoint the trends that the coolest digital creators are incorporating into their outfits. Not only am I inspired to take my spring wardrobe to a whole new level (I need a confidence course from these girls ASAP), but I've also rounded up my top eight for you to check out below. 

As with everything else I've seen on fashion TikTok, the trends below are anything but boring. Think beaded bags, colour-contrasting galore, and a whole lot of corsets. (The Bridgerton obsession still hasn't run its course.) If you're looking for a fun revamp to your current spring wardrobe, you should keep scrolling. 

Cottage Dresses

Tik Tok Trends for Spring



Cottagecore may have been the biggest trend of summer 2020, but as the weather gets warmer, there's still room for oversized and airy dresses.

I thought I was exhausted from corsets, but I may have been wrong. I've been seeing fashion girls pull out all the stops while creatively layering with them, and it's hard to deny how good they look.

Beaded Handbags

Why leave the beads on your jewellery? Beaded handbags are slowly making their way back onto the fashion scene, led by Staud's Tommy Bag release. As someone who likes to wear basics, I believe a fun accessory can make all the difference.

Coloured Denim



These aren't the red and blue skinny jeans you used to wear in middle school—they're so much better. Often donned in a more relaxed fit, more brands are bringing on coloured or colourfully printed denim. 

Retro Florals



We've already covered the '90s and Y2K references that are circling back around, but there are many '70s elements on the market today, like retro-printed florals.  Everything about it just screams "Hot Girl Summer" to me. 



It's almost impossible to scroll through your TikTok feed without seeing a girl in these glasses, and I have to admit that they look amazing every time. I'm a black-sunnies girl through and through, but this trend just might have convinced me otherwise.


Colour-blocking isn't new, but it's something people generally shy away from. However, it's the norm on TikTok for fashion girls (and guys!) who play around with unique colour pairings. 



Phone Accessories



Our phones are almost always on us, so why not make yours an accessory? From unique phone cases to beaded chains you can purchase or even DIY, there's no room for boring phones on fashion TikTok.

Next up, the biggest spring/summer 2021 fashion trends to know. 

This piece originally appeared on Who What Wear U.S.