5 Reasons This New Shopping App Will Change Your Life

There are tons of great fashion apps literally at your fingertips, but we’re not lying when we say that Spring, a genius mobile marketplace launching today, is in a league of its own. Let us show you why.

1. Spring’s community now features about 100 brands, ranging from luxury labels to up-and-coming designers, and will continue to grow.

2. Spring gives users an easy, Instagram-inspired viewing experience. You can personalise your feed by following the brands you love, browse and discover new labels, share finds with your friends, plus shop custom posts with a simple swipe.

3. Brands will offer limited-edition designs and collections, available exclusively on Spring. 

4. Users will get access to curated collections assembled by top influencers and tastemakers, including Who What Wear!

5. Thanks to a streamlined checkout process, once you land on a product you want to purchase, you can simply choose your size, confirm the shipping information, and swipe to pay.

Are you going to download Spring to your phone? Tell us below!