3 Joyful Prints We Are Backing This Spring

We don't want to contradict ourselves—we absolutely think curating a concise edit of timeless staples is of the utmost importance to prioritise the buys you'll come back to again and again, season after season. But it's also important for your personality to shine through your clothing, and, let's face it, there's only so much a white linen shirt, classic-cut denim, and loafers (as chic as they may be) can do to signify who you are. In reality, the secret of any well-balanced wardrobe is to offset classic items with characterful pieces—pieces that are fun, playful, and fill you with joy.

Now, it's up to you to decide what constitutes playful. For the minimalists among us, it could be a black beaded bag or perhaps a pair of sunglasses in an abstract shape. But for those with a more eclectic approach to style, one of the simplest ways to refresh and refine your springtime look is with an on-trend print. And this season, there are three new, inherently jolly motifs to consider. From the new take on checks to the grown-up alternative to tie-dye, keep scrolling to see the cheery spring pattern trends everyone is wearing right now.


Spring Pattern Trends: Chrissy Ford wears checkerboard prints



Style Notes: We first saw signs that checkerboard prints were making a comeback at the tail end of 2020, but now, as we make our way into spring, their return is all but confirmed. Monochromatic options are still out there, but we're particularly partial to the bright iterations coming through. 

Spring Pattern Trends: Michelle Li wears checkerboard prints




Style Notes: You don't need to be a fashion expert to know that with spring come florals, but this year we love the bold use of daises in both high-street and high-end collections. Look for graphic shapes and pair them with loose denim or shirting to stop the trend from looking too cutesy. 

Spring Pattern Trends: Trine Kjaer wears marble print trousers



Style Notes: Tie-dye was the defining print trend of the last 12 months, so naturally, it wasn't going to disappear overnight. Instead, we're seeing a shift toward more grown-up-looking marble motifs. 

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