18 Fresh Nail Designs We Can't Wait to Wear This Spring

It would seem that our love affair with all things nails shows no signs of slowing down in 2022. Experts have already predicted the trending polish shades and chicest nail art designs that look set to dominate the year ahead—and FYI, from elegant neutrals to bold animal print, there really is a new year nail trend for everyone—but that hasn't stopped me from filling my Saved folder on Instagram with an array of fresh nail designs that have spring written all over them.

Sure, we might still be officially in winter, but with so many pretty pastels, minimalist manis and floral designs dominating my feed, I've already got more than enough inspiration for my spring salon appointment. 

Ahead, keep scrolling for the 18 prettiest spring nail designs to inspire your own trip and the products you need if you want to re-create them at home.

1. Rainbow Strokes

Spring Nail Designs: Rainbow Strokes



If there's one colour palette that rolls around every spring without fail, it's pastels. Personally, I can't get enough of a candy-coloured manicure, but if block shades are feeling a little passé to you, then this gradient design of painterly pastel stripes makes for a fresh take on the trend.

2. Micro Merge

Spring Nail Designs: Micro Merge



Micro manicures with minimalist details and alternative French tips are set to be two of the biggest nail trends of 2022, and this spring-ready look merges the two perfectly. Keep your base sheer and glossy and your colours bright to nail this fresh nail art.

3. Checkerboard Green

Spring Nail Designs: Checkerboard Green



From celadon to pistachio, green nails will continue to trend in 2022, but I'm head over heels for this lush fern green that reminds me of freshly cut grass. 

4. Curved Colours

While this simple spring nail design would look good in any complementary hues, there's no denying that these Valentine's-inspired shades look particularly cute. This might be one to re-create right now.

5. Warm Neutrals

There are some key colour trends emerging for nails in 2022, and this elegant spring nail design comprises two of them: barely there neutrals and warm solar shades. Think soft linens, earthy oranges and hints of terracotta when re-creating this at home.

6. Seashell Shine

Honestly, what's not to love about this hand-painted seashell design? Teaming the perfect spring-ready pink with intricate nail art and colour-pop gems, it's the ultimate homage to the British seaside.

7. Neon Tips

Colourful French manicures are still dominating my Instagram feed, but I'll be freshening up this simple nail design for spring by opting for neon hues—the brighter, the better.

8. Geo Clash

From the clashing colour palette to the sharp geometric nail design, this creative approach to nail art feels spring-fresh.

9. Very Peri Metallics

Much like grown-up glitter was the unexpected nail trend of 2021, metallics and foiling (previously the reserve of party season) are going to shine this spring. Case in point: This metallic-tipped mani in Pantone's colour of the year, Very Peri.

10. Small-Scale Blooms

Yes, florals in spring are hardly groundbreaking, but blossom-bedecked nails always dominate my Saved folder. This microscopic design manages to be both intricate and minimal, and I'll be heading to the salon stat for a professional re-creation.

11. Tutti-Frutti Hues

A mix-and-match mani is always a good idea and works year-round—just adjust the colours that you pick to the trending hues of the season. This spring, it's all about having fun with colour. Think traditional pastels mixed with pops of coral and pistachio green.

12. Pastel Pop Art

Spring Nail Designs: Pastel Pop Art



The best spring nail designs are awash with creativity, and this pastel beauty is the perfect example. There are '60s-inspired checkerboard prints, cutesy star and heart prints that speak to my inner '90s child and a smorgasbord of delightful sorbet shades. Dreamy.

13. Abstract Mattes

I love this nail look for so many reasons—the mix-and-match patterns, the unexpected colour-block nails, that shade of tangerine—but it's the matte finish that really elevates this spring nail design for me.

14. White Waves

Spring Nail Designs: White Waves



I adore a crisp white manicure in summer, but if it feels a little too soon to go for an all-over colour, then this wistful, wavy nail art is the perfect entry point. 

15. Y2K Mix-Up

This super-fun nail art is a mash-up of basically everything that was trending in the late '90s and early '00s. From the grunge-inspired flames and skater checks to the cutesy cherry print and emoji-inspired smiley, it shouldn't all work together but somehow it just does.

16. Flower Power

I love how this retro floral print could veer into kitsch territory, but by picking bold colours and layering the design over a bare nail, it looks decidedly fresh for spring 2022.

17. Glossy Tortoiseshell

Spring nail designs don't have to be pastel-centric. This high-shine tortoiseshell design is my pick for a subtle take on the 2022 animal-print trend.

18. Sapphire Amulet

I'm calling it—blue will be the biggest nail colour trend of 2022. While last year was more about the cornflowers and sky blues, this year will lean into deeper sapphires, navies and royal blue hues. I love how this minimalist Turkish eye design feels so fresh for spring.

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