8 Pretty Nail Colours We're Certain Will Be Popular at Salons This Week

As you can probably assume from the stories currently populating our home page, to say we're excited about spring's arrival would be an understatement. With so much promise pinned on the next few months, our minds are officially in spring mode, regardless of the fact that the weather's got some catching up to do. So until we can slip into lightweight dresses and dust off our sandals, we're starting to carve out our springtime aesthetic in a way that doesn't call for double-figure temperatures by upgrading our nails.

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to transition your look between seasons is with a slick of fresh paint on your talons. While the moody colours of burgundy, black and navy always serve us well in the colder months, spring calls for a brighter polish palette. So which spring nail colours are we buying into? The classics. From orange-based reds and bubblegum pinks that look striking on all skin tones to the shade that minimalists always reach for, keep scrolling to discover the spring nail colours we'll be wearing this season. 


Spring Nail Colours: @ENISWARDROBE with tomato red nails



Style Notes: While red nail polish looks great year-round, for spring, look for colours with an orangey tone for a more brilliant, juicy payoff. 


Spring Nail Colours: @THATSALEAF with lilac nails



Style Notes: The colour of almost every '90s girl's bedroom walls, lilac has since had a major makeover. As well as dominating our wardrobes, it now decorates the hands of stylish women all over Instagram. 

Spring Nail Colours: @CLAIRE_MOST with white painted nails



Style Notes: White nails made a major comeback a couple of years back as the minimalist dresser's polish colour of choice. The trend is showing no signs of disappearing for spring 2021. 

Spring Nail Colours: @_JESSICASKYE with white painted nails




Spring Nail Colours: @PARAGONNAILS with tonal pistachio nails



Style Notes: Probably the most divisive shade in our spring nail colour lineup, striking shades of green polish have caught the attention of more and more fashion girls. Keep the look polished by avoiding lime shades. Instead, seek out powdery tones of pistachio. 


Spring Nail Colours: @THEHANGEDIT with tonal bubblegum pink nails



Style Notes: As far as our wardrobes are concerned, bright pink is set to be 2021's biggest colour trend. If a full-on fuchsia ensemble feels too daunting right now, nod to the look with a bubblegum-pink mani. 

Spring Nail Colours: @OLIVEANDJUNE with bubblegum pink nails


Spring Nail Colours: @HEARTZEENA with daffodil yellow painted nails



Style Notes: One of our favourite spring signifiers is when gorgeous yellow daffodils begin decorating our green spaces. Pay homage to the flower with yellow polish that's more muted than zingy. 

Spring Nail Colours: @EVEMEETSWEST with daffodil yellow nails




Spring Nail Colours: @IMARNINAILS with aquamarine painted nails



Style Notes: When it comes to spring nail colours, none are quite as transportive as aqua hues. Just looking at these shades puts us in the holiday mood (even if it's grey skies as far as the eye can see). 


Spring Nail Colours: @ANNAWINCK with tangerine nails



Style Notes: Bright-orange nails are synonymous with the warmer months, especially holidays. Although you might not be jetting off anywhere exotic to show them off, giving your nails a slick of orange will help brighten a summer spent on home soil. 

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