Buh-Bye, Jeans—Here Are the 7 Loungewear Trends to Know for 2022

Ever since 2020, we've been seen a continuing increase of loungewear on the market. The standout comfy trends started out as something to look forward to while staying home, and cozy pieces have now become everyday staples. I've been enjoying dressing up to go to the office recently, but I still am opting for comfy trends for the days I work from home or just want to keep it casual. While we often like to invest in partywear or handbags, I think one's collection of comfortable clothes is worth the same, if not more, prioritization.

Which spring loungewear trends can we expect to see in 2022? I've been taking note of the relaxed pieces the fashion set has been wearing recently and have compared their outfits to what's new on the market. There are a plethora of comfortable fashion trends—from chic button-down sets to luxurious knits—I'm ready to add to my closet. Ahead, see seven spring loungewear trends that are set to be big in 2022.

1. Button-Down Sets



Button-downs have easily become everyone's favorite basic, so whether it's paired with shorts or pants, why not opt for a full set?



Saturated shades are a big trend for 2022, so it only makes sense that the bright colors have reached the loungewear market too.

3. Luxe Sets



Despite the name, loungewear doesn't have to be just for lounging, proven by the luxe-looking ribbed sets you may have seen quite a bit on your Instagram feed. Wear it indoors with socks or throw on a blazer and some mules and be comfy while getting lunch.

4. Collared Knits



Preppy style has slowly creeped its way back onto the fashion scene, so be prepared to see a lot more collared knits on the market.

6. Jumpsuits



Matching sets are easy, but onesies are even easier. Whether it's an athletic jumpsuit or a cozy knit version, this trend solves any outfit dilemma.

7. Silky Sets

Silky sets have always been "in," but instead of the options being your typical pajama plaid, we're seeing the style updated in unique silhouettes and fun prints.