The 8 Best Bag Trends of Spring 2019

That’s all, folks. Paris Fashion Week wrapped this week and there’s a ton to digest from the last four weeks of runway shows and presentations that gave us a clear, and perhaps overwhelming, look at what to expect from fashion in the next six months. Frankly, it can be a challenge to break it all down in one shot, so we’re starting with a few of the It items we know we’ll see more of soon: spring handbag trends for 2019.

The eight trends below represent some of the most daring accessories of the season. These aren't simply everyday styles but offer ways to make a statement with unique details like feathers or shoelaces and unexpected silhouettes worn both strapped to the body and hugged closely at your side.

Ahead take a look at the 2019 spring handbag trends that we'll be thinking about all winter long—or at least until they arrive in stores.