What to Keep Out and What to Put Away for the New Season

It's official, the new season is here. So it’s only logical that we put away our winter gear (hallelujah!) and free up some closet space for more warm-weather clothing. What can be less obvious, at times, is which pieces you can carry over into the next season and which should go deep into storage. As such, today we’re bringing you this handy guide on what to stash away and what you can continue to wear. Of course, if you're looking for bigger updates, check out our guide to what to wear in spring, and then come back here to see what you can still keep from your winter 2016 wardrobe.

Scroll through for all the details and, of course, to shop our favourite spring-friendly picks…

Next up! The biggest spring/summer 2017 fashion trends you need to know about. 

Not only will you likely be way too hot in faux fur, but it also has a tendency to scream “winter”—which is the last thing you want to do in spring.

Instead, wear suede.


The Urban Spotter

The Western theme is strong this spring, which means suede is here to stay. Plus, it’s much more lightweight than its furry counterpart.

While we loved the blanket scarf for fall and winter, we think it’s time to retire it in favor of some lighter choices.

Instead, wear silk scarves.


J'ai Perdu Ma Veste

This It girl–approved accessory is a must for spring. Wear them around your neck, on your wrist, or even as a belt for an instant outfit upgrade.

While harsh winters excuse us for wearing even the clunkiest of footwear, there’s no excuse in spring!

Instead, wear sneakers.


Vanessa Jackman

Sneakers are the casual shoes of the season. Plus, they are comfortable for commutes and can handle anything spring weather throws your way.

Not only do you not need a big coat post-winter, but also, the puffy outerwear tends to take up a lot of precious space in your closet. Time to put them in storage!

Instead, wear a denim jacket.


A Love Is Blind

Denim jackets are lightweight, compact, and always in style.

Turtlenecks may be great winter layering pieces, but unfortunately, they don’t translate as well into spring. The same goes for chunky knits, which also take up valuable closet space!

Instead, wear lightweight sweaters.


Altamira NYC

A lightweight sweater will look great both on and draped over your shoulders, as an added touch to any outfit.

While it’s hard to part with our beloved over-the-knee boots, the full-coverage style is not what we’d call seasonally appropriate.

Instead, wear mules.


Collage Vintage

At any height, whether heeled or flat, mules are the go-to shoes this season.

Similar to fur, shearling (or shearling-lined) jackets and accessories have no place in a warm-weather wardrobe.

Instead, wear a bomber jacket.


Collage Vintage

An on-trend bomber jacket can be worn across all seasons, and when layers aren’t necessary, all you need underneath is a T-shirt.

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