9 Springtime Style Basics No Woman Should Be Without

Spring is all about new beginnings. Flowers start to flourish, lambs are born, and the latest fashion collections are debuted. Speaking of the latter, if you've already consulted our bumper spring/summer 2021 trend report, then you'll know that looks such as bubblegum pink, '90s-style separates, second-skin tops, and beautiful dresses were all prevalent on the runways, making for one of the most sartorially exciting seasons we've had in a long while. And after the year we've had, boy do we need it. 

Now, don't get us wrong—we live for unearthing new trends, but we're of the opinion that your wardrobe also has to have the right balance of basics to counteract them. Which is why we've decided to strip things back and talk about the spring clothes you actually need for the months ahead (in addition to a couple of trend-led pieces, of course).

After much deliberation, below you'll find nine pieces that will essentially act as the glue in your wardrobe. From trench coats that are timeless to the shoes that bridges the gap between boots and sandals, all the way to "groundbreaking" prints, these are shopping decisions you won't regret making. Scroll down to see our lineup of the spring clothes every woman should own.


Elegant but also practical, a trench coat has long been our sartorial salvation. Not only does it come in handy during those springtime showers, but its largely neutral colour palette will go with just about everything you already own. 


While it needn't necessarily be checked—we're partial to the blazer in its many forms—there's something about the grid-like motif that makes it look expensive whatever you pair it with. Look for subtle pastel hues to up the springtime feel. 


Okay, okay, so we've quoted Miranda Priestly's "Florals for spring? Groundbreaking" one-liner more times than we care to admit (yes, I even referenced it above), but there's no denying the fact that florals and spring go hand in hand, especially in dress form.


Loafers are magical things. When boots feel too heavy and sandals too flimsy, they act as the perfect transeasonal shoe to start wearing when you can finally brave forgoing your boots. Look for stacked soles to nail the 2021 aesthetic. 


The cardigan remains a hot topic on the style agenda for 2021, but it's always been on our springtime radar, largely because it's just so darn easy to layer with. 


Pretty blouses always make a comeback come spring, and for this we're glad. What else can dress up jeans and trainers in such a short space of time? We'll wait. The year, look for styles with statement collars; the bigger the better. 


After spending months living in leggings or joggers, it's amazing how refreshing slipping on a pair of jeans can be. If you've become accustomed to slouchier silhouettes, you'll be pleased to hear that wide-fit, easy-wearing denim is all the rage. 


Basket bags have become a bona fide spring identifier. Bloggers will start by carrying tulips in them, but we'll be using ours to tote everything but the kitchen sink come March. 


While just about any skirt can be argued as a springtime essential (particularly the mini iterations that are coming back), nothing feels apter than a pleated midi style. Often more ridged than slips, the fabric will offer you more protection against the usual cold snaps we experience early on in the season. 

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