The ONLY Four Pieces You Need to Add to Your Closet This Spring

Spring is now less than a week away—March 20 is officially the first day!—which, this year, is exciting enough to make us want to dance a jig down the middle of the street. But here's the thing: What are we supposed to wear?! After so many months enveloped in down coats, wool hats, and an impenetrable layer of scarves, the propsect of showing some skin is a bit daunting.

To help ease our anxiety over our spring wardrobe, we enlisted Banana Republic's Marissa Webb to share which items she thinks we should definitely add to our closets this season. Refreshingly, her list is short and sweet—Webb recommends four must-have items that you need to add to your wardrobe this spring.

Keep scrolling to find out what they are!