5 Spring Beauty Trends That Are Dominating My Feed

With New York Fashion Week kicking off this week and starting the monthlong runway fest, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the only place to spot trends is at the many fashion shows. But while those on the front row are looking forward to autumn/winter 2019, it’s Instagram I’m turning to for spring beauty inspiration right now. It’s still glacial outside and entirely not the right time to think of bare legs and short dresses, but new makeup ideas? Now that we can do in any weather.

From eye shadow hues that rival your box of childhood crayons to seriously glowy complexions (aka “yoga skin”), the spring beauty trends that I’m spotting in my feed fall into two camps: natural simplicity or playful excess. Yes, whether you’re all about barely there beauty or maximalist makeup, fashion’s coolest girls have all options covered this season. Scroll down to discover my pick of the spring trends.


Sparkles, as it turns out, aren’t just for party season. In fact, I’ve been spotting glitter-adorned eyelids all over Instagram since January—adding a little glitz to an otherwise gloomy time of year. Don’t mess around with loose glitters, there are plenty of all-in-one formulas available for simple shimmer application.

Beauty trends spring 2019: ASOS kick wearing gold glitter sparkles on bare lids



Loose gold sparkles pressed onto bare lids make for a surprisingly minimalist approach to glitter.

Asymmetric glitter appears to be the tangent this trend is taking on social. Try if you dare.

Beauty trends spring 2019: ASOS Astrid wearing green glitter on eyes



Try an unexpected shade like green to counterbalance a casual outfit.


A red lip is undoubtedly a classic look. But it’s this poppy-red shade in particular that has caught my eye—springing, as it has, from amidst a beautiful terrain of bare lips and ’90s-nostalgia glosses. Pat it on with your fingertips for a lived-in look, or slick it on boldly and wear with something low-key. Just make sure it’s matte.

Beauty trends spring 2019: Hajra wearing red lip stain



Apply your lipstick with your fingers and blot with tissue paper to pare down the brightness for a wearable red.

Matchy-matchy: Pair your lipstick with your mani to lend a double pop of colour to a neutral outfit.

Beauty trends spring 2019: ASOS Ebony wearing retro red lip



Team your red with sneakers, a retro tee and fresh skin for extra cool-girl points.


Turns out that it’s not just fashion that green is having a moment with—it’s beauty too. Having spotted many a green eye shadow on my feed recently, I’m of the opinion that a sage-green mani is a great entry point to the trend if you’re a little nervous about wearing Kermit green on your face. Once applied, it’s surprisingly flattering and suits every skin tone.

Beauty trends spring 2019: Megan Ellaby wearing green nails



Don’t be shy—wear contrasting colours to let your green mani shine.

Beauty trends spring 2019: Mix-and-match green and red nails



Try a mix-and-match mani, alternating green with another shade to complement your jewellery collection.

Beauty trends spring 2019: Jana Aasland wearing neon green nails



This ’90s rave-inspired highlighter green shade will transition well into summer and will be a cheery boost for gloomy days.


This spring, beauty trend is all about indulging your inner child with a finger-painting approach to coloured eye shadow. Stick with one bright shade (keeping it monochromatic lends the look an unfussy edge) and apply it all over your eyelids using your fingers—the less precise, the better.

Beauty trends spring 2019: Aude-Julie wearing coral eyes and orange lips



Deep corals and warm pinks on the eyes work well with red or orange lipsticks.

Beauty trends spring 2019: Diana wearing lime green eyeliner



If all over the eyelids feels too much, keep your lids bare and smudge the colour beneath your lower lash line.

Beauty trends spring 2019: Megan Ellaby wearing blue eyeshadow



This cool blue tone boasts serious ’70s glam-rock vibes.


Coined by celebrity makeup artist Sara Hill last year, yoga skin is, in essence, looking glowy times 1000. The trend remains a huge spring beauty look, with stylish women celebrating juicy, plump, dewy skin all over my Instagram feed. While a strong highlight is key, what I love most about this trend is how the natural skin still shines through.

Beauty trends spring 2019: Sylvie with yoga skin



A neutral outfit allows those glossy cheekbones to shine. Choose a cream highlighter, and press it onto your skin with your fingertips for the most natural results.

Beauty trends spring 2019: Olivia Lopez with yoga skin



Apply a coloured highlighter as you would your bronzer, brushing it generously over your temples and cheeks for a sun-kissed take on the trend.

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