It's Official: These Are the 2 Handbag Trends to Buy Right Now


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Deciding which type of handbag to purchase is one of the toughest shopping decisions a fashion girl can make throughout the year. The reason? There's a good chance it will be one of the costliest additions to your wardrobe, and you want something that's worthy of the investment, something you'll carry again and again. That's why we reached out to the trend-minded experts at Edited, a retail analytics company that knows better than anyone what people have stopped buying and what they're purchasing in droves instead.

Edited's senior fashion and retail analyst Katie Smith researched which styles people have basically stopped buying, which they're buying more and more of, and which are on the decline but are still having a moment. She came to the definitive conclusion that the style people aren't buying anymore is hobo bags (although we are seeing a few cool designer iterations out there)— the one they are buying is micro mini bags, and the one to keep for now is bucket bags. While this may not be the best news if you have trouble living without an oversize tote (of course, if you prefer a large hobo all together, go for it), it's great news if you're a fan of the mini bag trend and aren't ready to part with your bucket bag just yet. Ready to see what Edited's Smith had to say about the reasons behind her findings?

Keep scrolling to get the details on these three bag styles and shop micro bags and bucket bags that will ensure you look as of-the-moment as possible in 2017.

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