Important: Spring's It Bags Have Been Spotted on the Streets

There are certain designer handbags that will always and forever have a presence on the streets. Can you imagine a world without the Chanel 2.55? No, neither can we. And we all know that Gucci has been on an extended role, but what else is going on in the world of leather goods?

The industry's elite crowd was privy to the freshest styles early and, of course, toted them with great pride throughout February's fashion weeks. This gave us two things: First, a case of the green-eyed monster, but second, the realisation that this stylish set was simply providing everyone else with a heads-up and head start. Their carrying companions are pointers towards the key silhouettes, details, finishes, styles and labels that you'll no doubt want to know about when it comes to making that all-important spring purchase.

So we trawled through thousands of images and boiled down the results to bring you an edited version of the most important handbag news for the season. Click through to see and shop the bags that an entire legion of fashion ladies want…