Babouche Shoes to Puddle Leg: Our Spring 2016 Dictionary Is Here to Help

S/S 16 is an adventurous season, chock-full of exciting new trends, eccentric styling ideas, and experimental new labels, and what happens naturally with such developments is a new wave of inside terminology that wraps each look up with a bow, a label and a big ole opportunity to brag. Of course there's a new shoe trend or two that requires precise nomenclature (we won't dare to simply call these pointed flat slippers mere flats!) and a new trouser length that requires some attention.

In order for you to wax lyrical on the fresh runway and street terminology, we've created a fast-track dictionary, complete with the items you can shop in order to talk the talk as well as walk the walk.

Scroll down to get a handle on spring's new lingo…

Which of the new seasonal trends are you most excited about trying? Shout out in the comments box below.