This Unexpected Micro-Trend Will Make Your Outfits Look So Much Cooler

Sometimes it's the little tweaks to staple items that make all the difference. A gather to the shoulder to create a puff sleeve, the addition of a pleat to define a waistline, the elongation of a sleeve to create a new silhouette. Some of fashion's coolest garments are those which are simple but have an understated twist. And a testament to this thought is the new split-front trouser trend that seems to be sweeping the style ether.

Split-hem trousers were first seen on the Victoria Beckham catwalk, and since they've become a firm staple in the closets of those whom we aspire to dress like. From minimalists like stylist Sylvie Mus to avant-garde dresser Evangelie Smyrniotaki, the tailored separate is a hit with just about every sartorial subgroup. Not that it's hard to see why.

The subtle flash of skin is a nod to approaching spring, which also acts as a frame to your favourite footwear, be it a pair of statement, jewel-encrusted heels or a pair of utilitarian boots. For day-to-day or after dark, this micro-trend can be worn in a multitude of ways. As such, we've documented the strongest split-front trouser outfits below for you to peruse. Then, proceed to shop our favourite pairs.

Split Front Trouser Trend: @camillecharriere



Camille takes the French approach by styling her split front trousers with Breton stripes. 

Split Front Trouser Trend: @erika_boldrin



Erika makes her tailored trousers look all the more fierce by wearing them with an animal-print hoodie. 

Split Front Trouser Trend: @sylviemus_



Sylvie proves that the trend transcends to denim, too. 

Split Front Trouser Trend: @styleheroine



Evangelie proves the suit is still a strong after dark contender. 


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