Spanx Arm Tights: Weird or Worth It? We Investigate

About this time last year, Spanx's latest invention, Arm Tights, officially received the Vogue stamp of approval. An editor from the magazine tested them out at fashion week and said they made her arms look "slender and toned." It's funny how in just 12 months, the language surrounding body image can change so much, and for the good of us all.

Right now, it's passé to have a Trinny and Susannah–style discussion of "bingo wings" or to even consider the concept that women might want to cover up their arms for fear of the aforementioned wobble. We've come a long way, and I'm grateful for that, but let's just get real for a second: Sometimes you don't want to show your arms off, and choice is the ultimate liberator.

I'm not an advocate for shapewear as an essential part of womanhood or as the only route to looking or feeling good, but these pieces can make your clothes look their best. And within this new Spanx creation lies a potentially useful little layering tool that could be a great part of your lingerie capsule wardrobe. Additionally, if you’ve embraced the modest fashion movement, Spanx's Arm Tights just might be the things you’ve been looking for.

Whether you're planning on covering up or want their "slimming" capabilities, keep scrolling to see what happened when I put them to the test. Are they are a handy item to layer up with for party season and when its cold out? Are they impossible to get in and out of? Did they make my arms look slimmer, and do I really care?

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