The Surprising Fashion Item That Sorority Girls Are Obsessed With

Well, this is unexpected! A recent article on Business Insider revealed that sorority girls are flocking to a very unusual fashion item a lot more than the sweet dresses or Greek letter–emblazoned tees you might expect: the fanny pack. According to the feature, the ’80s-era bags have become quite popular with sorority girls looking for a hands-free purse to bring with them to their many events and parties. “Ever since I got mine, it’s the one thing I consistently bring with me when I go anywhere where I would be worried about losing my purse,” Elizabeth Coogan, a sophomore at Wake Forest University, told the site. 

Even popular Greek-life apparel companies have caught on to the trend, including GreekU, which now even sells customisable options. “The fanny pack has been our biggest product over the last year,” company owner Daniel Passov told Business Insider, noting that sales of the item have increased by 130% in the last year alone. That’s a huge number, especially when compared to GreekU's usual sale increases, which he says are around 10% to 20%.

As for how these sorority girls like to wear it? One Elon University sophomore explained, “I find it more convenient to wear it on the front and clip it in the back so whatever is inside is easily accessible. But as long as a person feels confident wearing the fanny pack, there is no right or wrong way to wear it."

Touché. So the question is whether this trend will transcend sororities and make it to the mainstream. We'll just have to wait and see! 

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